Hans Adam II, Prince of Liechtenstein

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Hans-Adam II. Price of Liechtenstein A Biography
Author: David Beattie

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It shows how Hans-Adam II, in his two distinct but conjoined roles as Head of State and Head of Princely House of Liechtenstein, had first to rebuild a family fortune that had been dangerously
weakened by decades of war and dispossession.

He then made it his mission to ensure that the tiny state of Liechtenstein was as well positioned as possible to face the challenges of European integration and a globalised world economy. But Hans-Adam II is not only an achiever: he is also a visionary and idealist. He extols the advantages of small states and the virtues of self-determination. He views the state as a service organisation that should work for the benefit of its people. His combination of practical achievements and original thinking makes him one of the most interesting and successful leaders of his generation.

Author: David Beattie

252 Pages

ISBN 978-3-905881-63-9

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