Liechtenstein a modern history

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Liechtenstein a modern History
Autor: David Beattie

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Liechtenstein is a unique but little-known success story in modern Europe. Excluded from the League of Nations in 1920 because it was thought too small, it is now an active member of the United
Nations, the European Economic Area, the Council of Europe and other international organisations.

This book pulls together the threads of the country’s history, institutions, politics an economy. Material from the British National Archives gives insights into Liechtenstein’s interaction with the wider world in the twentieth century. The book analyses the reasons for Liechtenstein’s political survival and economic success. It ends with a study of the prospects for this many-sided mini-state as Liechtenstein faces the challenges and opportunities of a changing Europe: A Europe that might have some useful lessons to learn from Liechtenstein.

Autor: David Beattie

541 Pages

ISBN 978-3-905881-16-5

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