Principality of Liechtenstein, the most beautiful Images and Postage Stamps

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The combination of images of Liechtenstein and the most striking postage stamps from 100 years has resulted in a classic work.

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In this illustrated book, wonderful, large-format pictures of various themes from the Principality of Liechtenstein are complemented by matching stamps. Nowhere is this combination better suited than in Liechtenstein, as stamps have been one of the most enduring and attractive cultural messengers of our country for over 100 years. Stamps document the life and history of Liechtenstein in a vivid way. Archaeological finds, memberships in international organisations, economic achievements, major cultural or political anniversaries, important occasions and events, but also valuable treasures from art, architecture and nature are given their place and thus their appreciation on Liechtenstein stamps. Stamps and Liechtenstein have something else in common: a boundless variety in the smallest of spaces that is waiting to be discovered. Just as the stamp collector only discovers the many filigree details on a stamp with a magnifying glass, the visitor to Liechtenstein will only discover the scenic and cultural diversity that the country has to offer after a longer stay and a closer look.

208 pages, with pictures

Vaduz, 2012

ISBN 978-3-905437-30-0


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